Talkie Fiber internet

The Talkie Difference

We don’t play games like the competition does. No Teaser Rates, No Intro Rates, No Yearly Increases.
Simply put no Games!

Did you know that all Fiber internet is not created equal? The Fiber is just one part of the entire process, most of the work is done in the central office. Even if you have Fiber internet now you should test your speeds. You may be suprised at the results!

At Talkie we are not taking shortcuts, we are using the latest technology that allows us to offer up to 10 Gigabit internet both up and down.

Speed Test
Think your internet is FAST? Fiber FAST?
Test your current service now at SpeedTest.Net
Gigabit Service should see your speeds close to 940x880 Mbps.*

*Speed test have many factors including wireless vs wired, Computer, hard drive, Operating system etc. Is not affiliated with Talkie Communications

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